If you’re like most people you’re probably wondering what regatta sailing is. The sailing in the words “regatta sailing” should tell you that it’s all about boats. But not just any kind of boat. We are talking about yachts, sailboats or any other non-powered boat. These boats are handled by teams with the end-in-mind of winning.

Regatta sailing competitions are held all over the world. The biggest event is held every year in England on the Thames River. However, small competitions are held regularly and are hosted by marinas. Also, schools hold competitions regularly.

If you’ve ever been in a sailing competition, you know how exciting it can be. Your chances of winning rests basically on how well you work with your teammates, as well as your sailing skills. The motor on your boat has nothing to do with it.

If you want to join a regatta sailing competition you can always do so. The first thing you need to do however is to sharpen your sailing skills. Take sailing lessons in your local area. You should only find a race once you’re confident that your skills can help you win for the team. How do you find sailing lessons? Go to google.com and type in “sailing lessons” and the name of your local area. If you live near a marina you should be able to see several lessons being offered. Check out the website and make some calls.

Not all lessons are created alike, and while there are lessons for beginners, there are lessons for advanced sailors. But you don’t need to worry because the ones that offer sailing lessons typically have one for each skills level. So, when you’re ready, take your sailing lessons now. And once you’re ready to race, jump right in and join.