You know you’ve seen a regatta if there are sailboats manned by several men trying to get to some imaginary finish line. Regatta is a centuries-old sport that has its roots in England. The word “regatta” refers to a non-powered boat or a boat that does not have any motor. In everyday use, however, it refers to a sailing competition.

Regatta sailing is a sport, however, it’s not a sport for professional athletes. It’s a sport for amateurs, actually, for people who have a boat and have that competitive spirit. The biggest regatta event is held every year on the Thames River in England. There you will see at least 800 boats trying to win a race, and thousands of spectators to cheer on the competing teams. Most of the time, however, these events are done locally.

Regattas are occasionally used for advertising. A marina or yacht club will host a regatta to draw in individuals to attract potential clients. You will find regatta events being held all over the United States. While most events are for grown-ups, there are actually competitions being held for young people.

Although it is often a competition, you’ll be surprised to know that regatta sailing is actually a non-competitive event. People join it to have fun with their teammates. And this relaxed atmosphere is what attracts people to it. Breathing the fresh air out on the water is a feeling like no other.

If you want to join a regatta competition, by all means do. You don’t need to own your own boat, however, you do need to hone your sailing skills. To this end, you should take up sailing lessons. Your local marina should offer it, but if there’s no local yacht club, check the nearby areas. While we don’t have information on how many hours of sailing you need to qualify, we’re pretty sure you need to be experienced before anyone allows you on deck.