You might have been sailing before, but have you been regatta sailing? I’m not sure there is anything quite like it from the looks of the equipment. It could be the adventure you discover next if you’re willing to accept the challenge. When you see what you’ll be sailing, you might think it’s simply quite the hobby, but there is heavy competition when it comes to regatta sailing. And if you’re wondering, this is a type of sailing where humans stay on the shore and sail their boats.

You can read about all the rules, including tips and tricks that can help ensure you have a better experience while sailing out on the water. People work on their regattas to customize them, but one thing you want to know right away is that decorations can slow you down. You can paint them however you like of course, but another thing you need to know is that water based paint shouldn’t be used.

There are rules about the sails and motors used when it comes to these boats in competition. Of course, if you’re just planning on having fun then what are you worried about when it comes to restrictions. The only things you need to know about are what can keep you from going the distance. You don’t want to modify your regatta to the point where it’s not optimally functional.

If you’re interested in regatta sailing, there are kits you can purchase. This would mean that assembly is required, but hey, it sounds like fun. You can customize your regatta and take it out for your first sailing experience.

You can decorate the sail, and you want to remove it when you’re going to paint your boat. Since you’re not going to be on the boat, you need to appoint a captain. Put your favorite stuffed animal or action figure on there, and get to sailing!